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Tuscan Riviera, Pisa and Wine Tasting
This day excursion is designed for those who wish to enjoy the highlights of the Tuscan Riviera, Pisa and savor some excellent Tuscan wine.

You will be greeted at the Port of La Spezia* and will make your way south along the Coastline to your first stop: Viareggio. Seaside resort famous for its Carnival Parade since 1873, which is held between February and March. Here you can walk along the sandy beach and admire the sea before you or do some shopping in designer boutiques.

After Viareggio it will be time to head to Pisa, where you can stroll around Piazza dei Miracoli, which includes the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Campo Santo, and of course the Leaning Tower. Due to the time allowed on shore and the traveling distance involved, we suggest you don't climb the leaning tower, so you have enough time to enjoy the rest of your day without haste.

After a morning of sightseeing, it will be time to enjoy a light lunch and wine tasting in one of the best wineries of the area. Prices for wine tasting range from Euros 35 to 40 per person, depending on the wine selection and availability for the day.

Please note: Wine Tastings and tours of the individual wineries are not included in our fees.

Our services are completely flexible, so if you really wish to climb the Leaning Tower, then you should consider skipping your visit to Viareggio. In this case then you should book the leaning tower at 12 pm. You can book your tickets at:

In case you would like a different experience in alternative to Viareggio or Pisa, then you can consider the Medieval Town of Pietrasanta. The town is also known as the City of Artists because of the many artists who have chosen it as their permanent residence and whose work can be admired in the many studios and exhibits in town. A pleasant stroll around the main square will allow you to enjoy the art galleries, cafes, and the beautiful Church of San Martino.

Please, make sure to let us know if you choose one of the the two different options mentioned above.

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Price per Person

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550 Euro

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275 Euro

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117 Euro

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